Changing seasons

beach with Posidonia leaves

These days I’m getting up earlier than usual and I love to have a look at the backyard. Little birds feel the incoming spring and sing their songs with powerful voices, compared to their little sizes. Mating season is arriving and the need to establish a territory and attract a partner is pressing. The sun rises earlier too and this light in the morning seems to be a promise of better days.

The Robin sings in the early morning

I’m not a lover of summer at all and the true thing is that I like the variety that the four seasons offer us. I’m happy to live where I do and to be delighted by the changes the Earth has during seasonal flow.

I enjoyed the winter, its cold days, that are very few indeed and not so cold here in Sardinia. I love the atmosphere of solitude, the sky loaded with big clouds carried away by strong winds.

Stormy sea
North wind and stormy day

I love the hiking days spent in the chilly air, when you have to keep moving to be warm and if you stop you have to light a fire or eat something rich in calories. And then the empty beaches with all the signs of stormy sea, big ammass of brown leaves of Posidonia covering the sand and the remains of marine animals and seaweeds hidden inside. I can’t have a walk on a beach without looking for something in the sand, although I have learnt not to collect these treasures.

beach with Posidonia leaves
Baia Brandinchi and its ammass of Posidonia leaves
seashell on the beach
Little treasures in the sand
Empty beach in winter
La Cinta, the empty beach

I love the sea too, with its winter colour, in some way less friendly, darker also if you are in shallow waters. And the rain that we need so much to have the right amount of water for the dry season.

And then some years, like this winter, we are so lucky that we can enjoy the snow. And it’s so unusual that you can have fun, knowing that it will only last a few days, bringing the awareness that there are a lot of people who have good reasons to fear extreme weather.

Snow on Tavolara
The island of Tavolara under an unusual snow cover

Then when the rainy days are more than three or four in succession we begin to feel strange, in a bad mood, adapted like we are to sunny days and clear skyes. So, in February we become impatient, waiting for spring and its bright light. The almond trees and their flowers announce the incoming spring but this year March is “pazzerello” as mentioned in the famous Italian proverb: “Mad March if there’s sun take the umbrella” (March proverbs). Downpour and strong winds are here to remind us that there are some months left before summer!

We are not in a hurry. We are going to enjoy this spring going on some hikes a little bit longer than the ones we did during the winter and going a little bit further from home. We have a schedule filled up with flowering times of different species (see Spring in yellow  and Blue flowers  too)that we want to see once again and we are waiting for the birds that are going to breed in Sardinia.

Yellow Broom flowers
Broom flowers

Spring definitively has a fast pace, a rythm full of life and joy and we’re going to awaken and feel full of energy again (see Spring is coming! ).

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