Easter days


Easter is approaching fast and we haven’t decided yet what to during these few free days.

In Italy the Easter holidays are strongly felt and a lot of religious celebrations are held; in Sardinia too, several towns have renowned processions and someone of them are really worth it, like the ones in Alghero and Castelsardo. If you want to learn more have a look to Easter celebrations. Traditionally, in our families, Easter is spent at home with relatives, sharing a big lunch and celebrating the Resurrection and the arrival of the spring season. Fresh home-made ravioli, greens from the vegetable garden or asparagus gathered in the countryside, lamb and dessert with creamy ricotta, are the foods rich in freshness and flavor that we usually bring to the table.

Wheat flour and eggs
Making the dough

Easter Monday is usually reserved for going out with friends. But we are in those strange years when the teenagers of our family are still deciding what they really like to do, undecided between family and friends and always a little bit unsatisfied with the proposals they receive. So, this year, I have delayed discussion and we are just a few hours away from the Easter weekend without knowing exactly what to do.

I think I would like to wander somewhere not too far from home, as we did last year too, enjoying the beautiful landscape that spring offers us, with green fields full of colourful flowers. And probably I would like to have lunch in the countryside, a slow lunch in the fresh spring breeze, enjoying being outdoors.

San Leonardo little church
San Leonardo, a fascinating little church in the countryside
Leaves of hash tree
Hash tree with its new leaves

Some years ago, no doubt we would have organized an hike, but now that the children are almost grown up they don’t like to hike with us at all! So, we probably will try to minimise our differences and find a destination suitable for everyone in the family. The thing that truly matters is to be together and relax.

Happy Easter!

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