We decide to start this blog to share with as many people as we can fascinating Sardinia, the place where we were born. Our island is in some way a call for a simple life, an ancient one. Its colours, its scent, its people, its culture and traditions are magic and evocative. If you feel inspired and you’re planning to come to Sardinia, contact us. We are here to organize an unforgettable experience for you.

Giovanna and Massimo

Giovanna: approaching my fifties, I’m a naturalist interested in Sardinian nature since I was very young. I really love outdoor activities surrounded by natural beauties. The energy of the environment makes me feel well. In the last years I grew up an increasing interest in handicraft: I appreciate things made by hand. My hands or the hand of  an artisan. Never mind if it’a a gorgeous carpet or an homemade bread.

Massimo: attracted to nature and wilderness, I explored far and wide my island, aboveall backpacking. I’m a trekking guide and it’s more than twenty years that I take people to discover the wildest mountains and beaches but also Sardinian way of life. I have a big passion for photografy.

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