Gathering asparagus near a Giant’s Tomb

Su monte e s'abe Giant's Tomb
Su Monte e s’abe – Giant’s Tomb

There is something in gathering asparagus that reminds me my childhood. When my granny took me to the countryside near home, looking for something to cook for dinner. Or maybe it reminds me of the ancient role of females in the first human settlements. I love gathering spontaneous herbs, mushrooms, asparagus so much, that I’m the first to think that it’s not normal. Near home I have a preferred spot that isn’t just a good place for gathering asparagus. And probably here I can better imagine other women gathering food like me in ancient times. It’s because this marvellous countryside place is an archaeological area, too. Indeed there is a beautiful funerary monument called Giant’s Tomb “Su Monte e S’Abe”.

Archaeologists usually call the first long corridor by the French word alleé couverte. It dates back to 1800 B.C. during the pre-Nuragic period and it’s a collective burial chamber.

Su monte de s'abe corridor
Alleé couverte

The exedra was added later. The semicircular shape which probably looked like the bull’s horn, was a strong symbol of strength and fertility.

Su monte de s'abe exedra
The exedra

In this monument, the stele, which usually covers the corridor entrance, is missing.

Su monte de s'abe entrance Now you can enjoy peaceful moments here, sitting where long ago rites and offerings for the dead were performed, feeling time passing like sometimes I think is only possible in Sardinia. Or you can keep gathering asparagus as I do.

asparagi (4)

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