Collecting litter

Plastic litter collected on the beach

I’ve been used to collecting litter in natural environment since I was in my teens. It was long ago, so now it’s a habit. In these years I’ve worked with litter in environmental education programmes with children and adults triyng to promote more awareness on this subject. And while I saw more people recycling I also noticed the increasing amount of litter left everywhere. So I decided that I should always go back home with some litter after having fun outdoors: one piece or more, it doesn’t matter, everything can make a difference. I’ll show you my personal litter gallery within the blog. And I make a plea: the best waste is the one we don’t produce. Think about it!

Plastic litter collected on the beach
First catch in Porto Istana; Spring-Summer 2017
Little plastic debris
Something made to play become a threat for the environment
Porto Istana, the beach
The beach where I collected the litter

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