Sea urchins and a piece of bread

I think that living in Sardinia is a real luxury. Mild weather and gorgeous nature are two good reasons to appreciate our island. And there are some simple customs that make you feel good. Having lunch with sea urchins, for us, is one of these. You only need a good pair of boots and a longContinue reading “Sea urchins and a piece of bread”

A quiet hike and a magnificent view

Sardinia has hidden treasures. Gems that you can easily discover outside the usual itineraries. Capo Ceraso is one of these. Ancient rocks, 300 million years, which with strange shapes and spotted with dark yellow lichen, border a colourful sea. An easy hike takes you to the top of the headland. The view is stunning: blueContinue reading “A quiet hike and a magnificent view”

World Water Day

Held annually on March 22nd, focused attention on the importance of freshwater sources advocating for their sustainable management. This year the theme is “Water and Wastewater”. We should learn that wastewater is a valuable resource in the circular economy and its safe management is an efficient investement in the health of humans and ecosystems. HaveContinue reading “World Water Day”