Sea urchins and a piece of bread

Sea urchins

Sea urchins

I think that living in Sardinia is a real luxury. Mild weather and gorgeous nature are two good reasons to appreciate our island. And there are some simple customs that make you feel good. Having lunch with sea urchins, for us, is one of these. You only need a good pair of boots and a long reed which has been opened with a piece of cork to catch the sea urchins. If you recognize the edible species, you know which one to catch. The right species is a beautiful colour, ranging from a dark aubergine to a light brown or a dull green. According to local people the right months to eat sea urchins are the ones with the letter r in their name. And it’s better if there is a crescent or full moon.

Edible sea urchins
The edible species of sea urchins

We love to eat sea urchins directly on the beach where we catch them, enjoying the sun and the sea breeze. A piece of good bread and a glass of white wine go really well with this sea delicacy. We open sea urchins with a knife which is better than scissors for this.

Sea urchins with bread and wine
Sea urchins with bread and wine

A quick wash, directly in the sea and they are ready.

Eating sea urchins
Eating sea urchins

The edible parts are the narrow full orange gonads. I know that this can be a little strange, but if you overcome the feeling you can try a new taste, a very intense one. It’s like eating the sea.

Rocky bay
Little rocky bays are perfect for sea urchins

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