An unusual Sunday

For us Sunday rhymes with hiking for three seasons of the year. No matter what the weather is like, unless it’s really raining cats and dogs, we like to be outside and spend Sunday walking.

But sometimes an unexpected invitation arrives and this turns the day around. Last Sunday we spent the day in the countryside and it was a very relaxed one! We were invited by a friend to spend her birthday together in her country house. Here in Sardinia, spending a day in the countryside usually means that you eat a lot of tasty things, drink good wine and walk around very slowly, discovering incredible plots of land with rivers and giant boulders in.

spring countryside

So, this was on our Sunday. The land was colourful, everything was green, something which is difficult to imagine during the dry season. The sun was shining and the mistral wind made the light more bright.

The big surprise was a little donkey, a baby female foal only two days old and her really confident mother. The donkeys welcomed us, looking for strokes and cuddles.

donkeys mother foal

Marta and donkeys

At lunch time we did justice to the skills of the cook, eating carasau, typical wafer-thin Sardinian bread, handmade cold cuts, ricotta (soft, fresh cheese) and artichoke lasagna.

graziella compleanno

After all that food, we needed to walk. So we started to explore leisurely the countryside, discovering old stone houses, fresh streams and old cork oak.

graziella compleanno_58

cork oak

On the top of giant granite boulders it was possible to look out to the island of Tavolara.

Tavolara look out

We ended the day with a nice feeling of inclusiveness and the thought that it’s important at least sometimes to do something out of the ordinary.

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