Summer is arriving

Pools of colourful water

This year the weather is particularly dry and warm. And so we are at the end of May but it seems to be one month ahead. I’m not one who loves summer very much and aboveall I don’t like to have the same weather all year round. I prefer the changing atmospheres that the shifts in season set aside for us. You know, hot when it should be, but then the autumn mood after summer. A little bit of cold for Christmas, rain and green countryside in spring and so on. Working in nature conservation keeps me aware of the dramatic climate change going on, so maybe the concern I feel right now with these really warm days is more than the pleasure of wearing light clothes.

Despite this, I appreciate like everyone I think, the blue sky and the sunny days. They give me the impression of being powerful, especially if I desperately need some time off! And I’m enjoying this early summer that allows us to go to the sea when the beaches are still empty. Yes, I definitely don’t like crowded places. So, trying to bring everything together, work, school time and relaxing, we are spending some weekends in our preferred places.

Spiaggia del dottore, water
Porto Legnaiolo, now called Spiaggia del dottore
Isola Piana the beach
No crowd in these days in our preferred destinations!

We have a little dinghy and wandering among the islets along the coast near home is the right way to spend our time outdoors. We look for the most secret destinations, finding really amazing pools. Colours are now at their best, and every hue of green and blue is here. We are very careful not to disturb nesting birds or other species living on the islands and usually we avoid landing. Birds screaming over your head are an unmistakable warning!

Spending days in this way seems to me the best thing we can do. If only this beauty could infect everything else!

Tavolara, the beach
It’s like a perfect dream

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